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Amazing Town, Even More Amazing Volunteers

When traveling through Rumson, it doesn’t take very long to become impressed with what you see. Yes, the houses are nice and the parks are beautiful, but, what sets this community apart is it’s residents.

This Summer has proved that theory over and over and over again. The #RumsonRec Department offered more than 20 camps this Summer and what made the programs sizzle was the many High School volunteers that we had assisting. Whether it was field hockey, football, volleyball, track & field or basketball, our Camp Directors brought in some truly talented student-athletes to help make the camp experience a memorable one.

The campers really took to the enthusiasm and personalities of their older counterparts. As basketball camper (and future NBA star) Keil Burrowbridge summarized: “It’s fun having (the HS players) here. We get to learn from some experienced players who play in leagues and tournaments.”

Having observed these students teaching, organizing and encouraging the youngsters reiterated how wonderful it is to have a community in which High Schoolers give their time and energy to enhance the experience for their younger neighbors.

These young adults should be applauded for their selflessness. Many used their camp hours to apply for the National Honor Society, a religious or scout commitment, or to enhance their college resume with community service. Across the board, the volunteers took the role responsibly and committed to helping 100 percent. They were often seen teaching skills, checking-in, setting up, demonstrating drills and, most importantly, making each kid feel like a superstar.

Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Track and Field Coach, Alyssa Trocchia said it well when asked about the student volunteers:

“The High School XC and track runners really enjoyed working with ‘future bulldogs’ runners of RFH. They got to show them different events they can participate in and worked on different skills and techniques! The future bulldogs really enjoyed working with the RFH runners as mentors”. “From a coaches standpoint, having them is a tremendous help to the camp”.
“We have a phrase saying ‘tradition never graduates’ and its been a tradition that our Varsity players help the younger players. I love it because some of the counselors were campers years ago so they know what's fun for the kids”.

- RFH Boys Basketball Coach Shempy

It’s a true gift to have these dedicated individuals as a part of our Summer programs. We would invite all the campers to head to RFH this school year to watch your counselors and coaches in action on the field and on the court. It’s a treat to see them in action and they would love to have the extra cheering support as they win more championships this year!

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