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Fall & Winter 2020 Rumson Recreation 

& Travel Programs Canceled

August 5, 2020

Rumson Recreation Community,

We are writing to let you know that we have canceled all fall, and currently all winter, Rumson Recreation athletic programs, including travel sports. This difficult decision was made after reviewing the plans from Rumson and Fair Haven School Districts, where students will attend classes in person in cohorts in order to maintain social distancing. We feel that our traditional recreation programs would contradict the cohort plan and could increase risk factors and delay the return of school to a full in-person mode. The safety of our communities will always be our top priority and to offer our traditional recreation programs would be irresponsible.

We know how important it is for the children to socialize and get some physical activity. Our plan right now is to put together a new slate of programs (virtual and some in person) that will provide a safer environment for them. We will also begin working on our spring sports offerings, in the event we are able to provide them and still meet the overall goals of keeping our children safe and in school.

Our hope is that someday soon we look back at this pandemic and remember how we pulled together as a community to support our students in a return to a full experience at school, even if it meant we had to cancel a few seasons of recreation programs.

As Dr. Bormann put it in his letter to the Rumson school community, “we have come this far, so let’s run, what is hopefully, the last leg of this virus’s race together.”

Please enjoy your summer, stay well, stay safe and stay active!

Borough of Rumson

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