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A Superhero Among Us

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Children attending any of the Rumson Summer Sports camp programs have likely met an amazing figure who has been a “Force” in the area for decades. Mary Karlo, is our athletic trainer and has been/will be on-hand for all of the Rumson summer sports camps.

Having Mary as our athletic trainer is like having Michael Jordan on our basketball team. She has more than 30 years of experience fixing sprained ankles, healing cuts and keeping athletes safe. After graduating from RFH, she set sail for West Virginia Wesleyan College for her degree in Athletic Training and Physical Education. During her time on campus, Mary also played field hockey, basketball and softball. In addition, Mary completed the Sports Medicine program at the University of Virginia and has also obtained a Supervisory Certificate from Rutgers University.

She spent 31 years working for RBR, as well as assisting and serving RFH (her Alma Mater) for 20 years. She also has an impressive resume of side work including professional teams, assisting with COVID testing and mega vaccine sites.

Mary not only excels at her job, but she truly loves it. She relishes the opportunity to help children recover from their ailments and return to play. Prior to every camp session, she is prepared with her first aid bag and AED. She also reviews all the safety information about the players and campers including allergies, recent surgeries, etc. Her goal is to be as prepared as possible when an accident or emergency takes place.

Any child who may be interested in an exciting and rewarding career as an Athletic Trainer can learn a lot from Mary. Her dedication, drive and constant preparation are important traits in making her such a success. When asked to provide advice to young athletes, Mary quipped “Don’t give up; Try different sports”

She also stressed that “athletes learn life skills while playing sports”. Another important piece of knowledge that she was able to share for parents was to “Remember to have fun”.

The future also looks bright for the accomplished role model. She is partially retired and has traveled throughout Europe, hoping to return for some more adventures abroad. If you see Mary at your next camp, please be sure to say “Hello” and thank her for keeping us all safe.

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