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Amazing Girl Scouts Produce Unforgettable Camp

Maturity, Enthusiasm, Community Service and Excellence are words that come to mind after witnesses something amazing this week.

Four Girl Scouts, pursuing their Silver Award, planned and implemented four days of camp for younger girls in superb fashion this week.

Bella Gesell, Nyla Martin, Lauryn Smith and Charlotte Coggshall came together and put hours of work into ensure it was a positive experience for the youngsters. Using their creativity, teamwork and problem-solving skills, these young individuals created a safe, fun and memorable experience for the younger girls to enjoy.

Having worked on this multi-locational program since the Summer, it was clearly a success as every detail was accounted for. These remarkable young women not only planned the four days of fun, but they also organized the supplies, advertised to the community, communicated with parents and even game-planned Pandemic concerns. It was tremendous to see how driven this quartet was and the results were evident.

The results speak for themselves. Camper Maddie Murphy pointed out “They (The four counselors) are very nice and really fun! They planned different activities like scavenger hunts and games, so we can meet new friends”. Fellow camper Molly Dupree agreed, adding “They did a good job and it’s very fun.”

The four leaders all shared their thoughts, complimented the campers and each other.…

“It’s been really fun to help the kids. I learned how to plan, adjust and problem solve.”

Charlotte Coggshall

“Its been fun and I’m really happy they like our ideas. We have been planning this since August”

Nyla Martin

“It’s been really fun. It’s great to have the girls listen to us. Its also good to feel responsible”

Lauryn Smth

“This is something that should be done next year. It makes me want to be a babysitter and a camp counselor”

Bella Gesell

We can not say enough about the amazing work these Girl Scouts performed this week.

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