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Checkmate! Rumson, Fair Haven Kids Make The Right Moves

(Photos Courtesy of journalist Libby Redling)

Rumson’s Bingham Hall was filled with Queens, Kings, Pawns and Bishops for what proved to be an exciting week of Chess camp.

Chess teacher Martin Kenny brought his 25 years of experience teaching youngsters to the friendly confines of Bingham Hall. He was more than impressed with the intelligence of our mini Grand-Masters to learn and improve their skills. From openings to mid-game strategies to how to close, the eager children truly absorbed some difficult Chess concepts.

Using a combination of hands on learning, paper exercises and verbal instruction, the kids were thrown a ton of good information so they can dominate on the chess board. More importantly, they all seemed to have a lot of fun, which is a testament to the awesome group of kids we had in the program.

Kenny would explain how valuable the game is for students to enhance their concentration, critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills. “It certainly translates to the classroom and beyond” he explained to a captive audience.

Audrey “The Queen” Redling shared her thoughts noting “I knew nothing about chess and now I actually know how to play. It was a lot of fun and a great experience”. Colton Goddeeris agreed, “I had fun. I am definitely a better player and I know more strategies”. Jack Kraman left with some new skills and more confidence as he joked “I can probably beat my Mom now”.

It was inspiring to see the development of these young players. We certainly expect great things from them and hopefully they fell in love with Chess for a lifetime.

The question is...what is their next move? Possibly, it’s to Crazee’s to enjoy a well earned Ice Cream.

Check and mate.

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