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Darryn Destroys 100 Miles

Local Rumson legend Darryn Murphy etched her name on the trophy of the Rumson 100 Mile Club this week, becoming the club’s 4th member as its popularity continues to grow.

Talk about someone who “Does It All”, Darryn is the proud owner of Designs By Darryn, a floral and event management Mecca located on River Road in the heart of Rumson. She also coaches soccer and softball for our youngsters, having recently guided the Rumson Cool Cats to their best season yet.

Darryn’s running career is a fascinating one as things really kicked off for her in 2020. She made a commitment to her health and used running as the springboard for a dramatic physical and emotional transformation. “I committed to myself and decided to hit the road when COVID came into our world. Quickly, I worked my way from mostly walking and some running …. To running and competing in various races.”. Since then, she has been consistent with her training logging in about 20 - 25+ miles per week.

One of her favorite activities is running along side her daughter, superstar athlete Maddie Murphy. The duo has completed several races, most memorably a 3.1 trek through the Bronx Zoo with lions, tigers and bears looking on.

Her running resume is filled with impressive feats, including local races of all distance, sprinting and working on the RFH track. She enjoys all of the fields and parks around town. She is also part of the running program called THIS/MILE---A group of women running and supporting every mile along the way.

As for her goals, she would like to run in the 100-mile relay throughout the Florida Keys!!! The Rumson 100 Mile Club was special for her because it was another notch in her belt of things that she never thought she could reach.

Advice for others, she explained, “I used running as my outlet for my body and soul. I accomplished every day a new goal within myself. It is now a need that I have developed vs. a need for food. It really has taught me discipline and I can not stress more how important it is. I did not do this with a gym I did this for ME!!! Please look out as I will be starting a running group for young kids to learn these skills working towards a final goal that will give them an immense feeling of accomplishment. I love this town and I love this community… the waves and the honks make my runs even better!!”

Although the Rumson 100 Mile Club is very prestigious, it is certainly not exclusive. The Rumson 100 Mile Club welcomes all members, you just have to earn your way in. All you need to do is enjoy our parks, track your miles (via app or on paper) and show us at the Rec Dept. More information is available at & you can join our group on Strava @RumsonRec.

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