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Jen Patton Joins The Rumson 100 Mile Club

Jen Patton, a teacher, wife and mother of three amazing kids became the second ever Rumson resident to join Rumson’s 100 Mile Club. Remarkably, it didn’t take her very long as she began her quest on June 3, completing the challenge in 53 days.

Jen is certainly a morning runner. Her daily routine typically starts at 415 a.m. during the school year and a bit later in the summer. Mornings have become her favorite time to get those miles in as she usually notches about 6 to 6.5 miles every session.

“I get to experience Rumson through a different lens," Patton shared. "I’ve been running around Rumson for 25 years, and its like I get the town all to myself (at that time)."

For Jen, the sport of running is all about her mental well being. She finds solace in the sport as a getaway from all the stresses of life.

“Running makes me a better teacher, wife and mother; It makes me happier."

She went on to say that “Running is a huge part of who I am. It makes me the best version of myself."

Balancing a family with active children as well as a career certainly isn’t easy, although Jen makes it look so.

She has completed a half marathon, but injuries in recent years have prevented her from returning to that distance for a race. Despite the injuries, nothing has stopped her from getting out and doing what she loves to do. Her “bucket list” running item is to complete a full marathon. Seeing her passion and drive, there is no doubt she will complete the 26.2 mile challenge in the future.

When asked about advice to other residents (whether they are newbies or experienced runners) she enthusiastically replied “Have self compassion and don’t set crazy goals. The hardest part is getting out the door and it’s important not to beat yourself up over your time, your distance or missing a run."

Jen summed up her whole experience brilliantly, noting “The joy is how it makes you feel, not the time or the distance”. Jen Patton is a wonderful example of a role model. She understands the importance that running plays in her life from a physical and well-being standpoint and she strives to meet the challenges before her. A huge congratulations to Jen for notching her name on the Rumson 100 Mile Club list.

Although the Rumson 100 Mile Club is very prestigious, it is certainly not exclusive. The Rumson 100 Mile Club welcomes all members, you just have to earn your way in. All you need to do is enjoy our parks, track your miles (via app or on paper) and show us at the Rec Dept. More information is available at & you can join our group on Strava @RumsonRec.

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