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John Larney Joins Rumson’s 100 Mile Club

Quite a guy and quite a resume of exercise. John Larney has been in Rumson for 21 years and has logged thousands of miles through our picturesque streets and parks. John uses his phone apps to record his miles and the numbers are nothing short of astounding. This year, he is averaging more than 3.5 miles of exercise every day. In 2019, he notched more than 1600 miles walking around Rumson. (That further than walking from Rumson to Miami!!!).

John is a native of Ellicott City, Maryland, having always been active, he notched 3 marathons on his running resume. At the youth ages of 16, 17 and 18, he completed the Maryland Marathon with a PB of 3:35!

He currently works for Ideal Tile along with his wife Vita and he previously held roles in NYC including working for the NFL. John’s daughter Elizabeth is also a student at Forrestdale.

John appreciates and loves the simplicity of walking and running. His favorite spot is leaving his front door and walking the nearby streets, an activity he does daily. He follows any “light days” with extra miles the next one to stay healthy and consistent. While he does enjoy Meadow Ridge and Fair Haven Fields, the local roads near him are unquestionably his favorite setting to exercise in. He is not one for driving to a gym and would prefer the serenity of Rumson’s beauty.

Certainly a goal-oriented person, his advice to other runners and walkers is very simple, “Set a realistic and obtainable goal for you and achieve it”. He also adds people should “Feel good with what (they) achieve”.

Larney generally walks without music, but occasionally uses his walking time to return calls or manage some business. Often the multitasker, he simply avoids excuses to not get out and enjoy it. John was a fascinating person to meet and we are honored to welcome into Rumson’s 100 Mile Club!

Keep In Mind: Although the Rumson 100 Mile Club is very prestigious, it is certainly not exclusive. The Rumson 100 Mile Club welcomes all members, you just have to earn your way in. All you need to do is enjoy our parks, track your miles (via app or on paper) and show us at the Rec Dept. More information is available at & you can join our group on Strava @RumsonRec.

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