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Paul Keany: Rumson Referee Who Inspires Many

Rumson referee Paul Keany has always been dedicated to the sport of basketball and has reffed for over 33 years in an effort to share his passion and inspire others. Just over three decades ago, he stopped playing basketball and decided he wanted to begin a career in refereeing.

By choosing this career, he was able to stay connected to the sport he loved and get to “see and meet new people every year and become more and more familiar with the local community”.

As a Rumson citizen, Keany finds reffing as a way to stay connected with the town and be a friendly face with all affiliated with Rumson Rec. After all of the experience he has gained, the advice he would give to children is to “Just have fun and not take it too seriously.”

He creates a warm and friendly environment for parents to come and see their kids with bright smiles, shooting hoops, while also learning along the way. Keany hopes to continue to give kids a strong foundation in basketball as well as core memories in the local gyms of our town. He is a spirited citizen who has given so much and will continue to make the town of Rumson proud!

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