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Rumson’s Community School Programs Blast Off

Two new programs are now underway as part of the Community School Initiative in which Rumson children can enjoy new programs and classes on a variety of fun and exciting subjects. Classes will be held throughout the school year, both after school and in the evening.

The first class to kick-off the series was Fun With Focus, a hands-on approach to learning about photography. The students took advantage of warm weather, bright skies and the beauty of Bingham Hall’s garden to snap a few amazing photos during their scavenger hunt.

The fun kept rolling for the 2nd program as Mrs. Davenport of Deane Porter Elementary organized some fun-filled fall craft projects for Rumson’s pint-sized Picassos. Local student (and awesome journalist) Bella Cacciatore spoke to some of the students to hear their feedback. When asked what they like about art, their responses were impressive…

Dominic O—“I like coloring.”

Lila D—“I like how art brings out creativity.”

Brooke P—“I like how we create what we want.”

Maeve K—“ I like meting up with my friends.”

Everyone was impressed, both with the breathtaking photos taken on Monday and the creative turkey projects on Tuesday. We look forward to more exciting community school programming throughout the year.

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