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Future Sports Broadcasters Make All The Right Calls

Our future sports journalists turned in spectacular performances over three weeks of Sports Broadcasting classes. Led by RFHHS Athletics legend Jeff Herkimer, the students learned a variety of skills over the span. They displayed creativity, passion and high energy as they learned the in’s and out's of the broadcasting business.

Herkimer was quite impressed with the students noting “I was surprisingly excited to see how well they grasped the concepts and how well they did overall”.

The three week program provided a ton of real world experience. The early focus was on play-by-play action where the students called some intense action from the NBA, MLB and the NFL. Week two featured some special guest superstars from RFH Athletics as the group conducted a real live press conference to learn more about the RFH-ers and their careers. The program wrapped up with the students recording some Sports Center-style highlight videos.

Chase Palumbo noted that his favorite parts were “The interviews and the highlights”. And Brody Gray shined with his Cowboys vs 49ers call. More important each of the students displayed some real skills, so look for them on an ESPN broadcast in the future.

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