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The Amazing Leslie Vanderleur Enters The Rumson’s 100 Mile Club

Leslie Vanderleur attacked the Rumson 100 Mile Club challenge like she does all things...with her whole heart and soul.  The 71 year old showed vivacious enthusiasm as she accepted her awards to enter the club. 


She has lived in Rumson almost her whole life. A naturally creative person, she worked as a professional jewelry designer throughout her career.  Now, she has an internet business selling jewelry as well. 


She describes herself as a “morning walker” and loves to get to Victory Park for an A.M. stroll.  About morning walking, she notes, “You feel good about yourself.  It boosts your ego and keeps you strong mentally and physically. 


Her goals for the future are to keep it up and continuing to increase the distances. “I’m 71 and I gotta keep it moving”, she says regarding her motivation.   


Her other interests are widespread and healthy including sailing at the Monmouth Boat Club, kayaking, bicycling and beach time. 


Her mentality is “Just do it.  Just get up and go.  Don’t give your self an excuse to not get up and move.” 


It was certainly inspiring to meet this active and wonderful resident.  We certainly applaud her for her achievement.


Although the Rumson 100 Mile Club is very prestigious, it is certainly not exclusive.  The Rumson 100 Mile Club welcomes all members, you just have to earn your way in.  All you need to do is enjoy our parks, track your miles (via app or on paper) and show us at the Rec Dept.   More information is available at & you can join our group on Strava @RumsonRec. 

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