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Rumson 100 Mile Club Welcomes Its First Member

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Just a few short weeks ago, Rumson Rec had announced a new program called The Rumson 100 Mile Club in which Rumsonians were challenged to accumulate 100 miles by running or walking through our awesome parks. To our surprise, our inaugural member has been crowned, achieving the feat in only 37 days. Incredible!!!

Kerry Chandler, a life–long runner and also the Chair of the Recreation Commission finished her 100th mile after a 5-mile trek around Meadow Ridge on a warm, sticky Friday, July 9th earning the trailblazing honor of being the Borough’s first 100 miler.

Kerry is currently training for the New York City Marathon, which will be her 14th marathon once she completes the 5-Borough, 26.2 mile challenge for the 5th time. She has also crossed the finish line at the Marine Corps, Disney, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey and Wineglass Marathons to name a few. She’s equally skilled in the water and on the bicycle with an Ironman Triathlon on her resume!

When asked what it is about running the she loves so much, Chandler responded “It keeps me out of trouble. And it keeps me sane”. She also said that the Rumson 100 Mile Club was a good motivation tool, citing “I was totally motivated to do the 100 miles. My mentality was that I’m totally going get it done. Its not easy either”.

When asked about advice to other residents she enthusiastically replied “Keep going. The closer you get (to 100), the more you will want to finish. I am quite proud of myself. I feel like a million bucks.”

A huge congratulations to one of the great people of Rumson. In addition to her running credits, she also is a tremendous asset to the Recreation Department and has selflessly helped teach & coach lacrosse in town for years! Kerry has received a “Rumson 100 Mile Club” T-Shirt as well as a certificate.

It is great that the 100 Mile Club has its first member and we know more members are coming soon. Although the club is very prestigious, it is certainly not exclusive. The Rumson 100 Mile Club welcomes all members, you just have to earn your way in. All you need to do is enjoy our parks, track your miles (via app or on paper) and show us at the Rec Dept. More information is available at & you can join our group on Strava at RumsonRec.

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