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Heroic Rumson F.D. Makes A Real Splash

In their usual fashion, Rumson F.D. came to the rescue once again.

The Victory Park playground campers were feeling the intense heat on their last day of the program as temperatures neared triple digits. Thankfully, the amazing fire-fighters of Rumson F.D. came to the park for a well received “Spray Down”.

The FD drenched the campers with some liquid sunshine to cool things down.

The staff of counselors also appreciated the escape from the high temperatures as well.

Dylan Manley noted “It was so fun having them here”, to which Gia Patten agreed “It was one of the best parts of the whole summer.”

Of course, the entire camp family appreciates the efforts by Rumson’s Bravest, not only for their kindness and support this summer, but for all they do throughout the year.

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