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  • Cate Rubin, Libby Redling & Paige Redling

Sweden Meatballs The Competition

Rumson Rec Soccer Fall 2023 - 1

Photos courtesy of journalists Cate Rubin, Libby Redling and Audrey Redling.

When people think of Sweden, the ideas of wonderful cheese and exquisite furniture often come to mind. However, after Saturday’s incredible performance, Sweden is now synonymous with incredible soccer.

The Rumson “girls of Sweden” squared off in an epic showdown against the Mighty Green of Shrewsbury inside the friendly confines of Riverside Park. The crowd was in full throat for the opening day match up and the performance did not disappoint.

The coaching duo of Darryn Murphy and Sean Auchenbach delivered a solid game-plan focusing on the fundamentals, which was implemented magnificently by the outstanding group of players. Sydney Auchenbach impressed throughout as did Maddie Murphy and Clare Rubin. A strong performance was also turned in by goaltender Paige “Turner” Redling who also found the back of the net herself with an early goal.

Elle “The Stopper” Richmond made some terrific defensive plays, shifting the momentum Sweden’s way on several occasions.

After a great team performance, the Swedish squad heads on the road for what promises to be another exciting match as they head west to Sickles Park for a Saturday match-up vs a formidable Little Silver squad.

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