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Victory Park Camp: Pirate Day is just the Beginning of a Summer of Fun!

It was an intense scavenger hunt on Pirate Day at the Victory Park camp led by directors Zachary Wilson and Lauren Grumbach. Kids were expanding their creativity and curiosity while working together and searching for gold!

Each day, campers begin signing in at 8:30. Campers consist of Rumson residents who are 5 years of age or older. At camp, they are able to select from a wide variety of offered activities. These include playing on the playground, and sports such as soccer, volleyball, wiffle ball, polo, basketball, and making crafts. The campers have the freedom to move from station to station based on their interests. The high-energy counselors are attentive, guiding and supervising the children at each station. The camp concludes at 11:30. The camp runs five days a week starting in the last week in June to the last week in July.

Co-director Lauren Grumbach grew up in Fair Haven and has been an English teacher at RFH for 20 years. She is an accomplished athlete, who after coaching field hockey and softball, decided to take on the summer role of co-director alongside Zach Wilson 15 years ago. One of her favorite memories from camp this year was when “the Rumson fire company came and used the hose to spray down the kids and counselors.” What fun!

Zach Wilson grew up in North Brunswick and has taught art for 25 years. He took on the adventure of directing the Victory Park camp 17 years ago when the former supervisor retired. Having years of camp counselor experience, he knew it would be the perfect fit. He enjoys working with younger kids, saying,” I appreciate their energy, honesty, and humor. Working at camp has given me a chance to work with the little kids again. It is a nice break from high school.”

Pirate Day wasn’t the only themed day the kids got to enjoy. Lauren and Zach put on a number of them, including:

  • Olympics day

  • Treasure hunt

  • Ice cream day

  • Water day

  • Stuffed animal day

  • Talent showcase

  • Brazilian drums

  • Yoga day

  • Tie dye

  • Kids vs. counselors

Each exciting day allowed campers to dress up, find their inner competitiveness and spirit, and make lasting memories with friends.

Interested campers can register using the borough website in the spring of 2024. Mark your calendars for a guaranteed summer of fun for your children!

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