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Kindergarten Hoopsters Prove To Be A Real Slam Dunk!

As March Madness reigns throughout the country, there is nothing mad about our amazing group of Kindergarten basketball players. This group of high-energy superstars has amazed and impressed their fans week in and week out. Each Saturday morning, they can be found dribbling, passing, defending and scoring their way through the intimate confines of Deane Porter’s gym. RFH’s Coach Shempy and Coach Cal would certainly be proud of their efforts.

Thanks to some amazing coaches including Coach O’Brien, Coach Nelson, Coach McDermott, Coach Reynolds, Coach Duffy, Coach Cini, Coach Thoms and many more, this group of ’ballers’ truly learned the fundamentals. In addition to their efforts on the hardcourt, the players have learned about teamwork and sportsmanship, which are important life lessons to learn.

We caught up with a couple of the players to get their thoughts on their favorite things about the clinics this season…

“Jogging and playing with my friends” - Jack Nelson

“ Dribbling and being with my friends” - Henry Romanczuk

“Dribbling” - Tucker Cini

“Dribbling” Julianna

“Ummm...Everything” Taite Eilert

“Playing + The coaches know the game.” - Connor Dubyel

“I love it because the kids love it. It’s great to see them out and smiling.” - Coach Sean McDermott (who could not hide his joy and appreciation)

“Dribbling and playing the square game” - Abigail Ade

Kudos to a great group of players. We hope they enjoy the off-season, practice their skills and come back strong next season!!!

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